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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Cerumen Removal

Earwax, also called cerumen, is naturally produced in the ears. This thick substance protects the ears from debris and bacteria by collecting or trapping them. Normally, cerumen clears itself from the ears but can build up to the point it needs removal. Removal is especially important for those wearing hearing aids.

In many cases, you can remove cerumen with a kit found at your local pharmacy. However, there is a chance of damaging the ear if this is not done correctly. The professionals at Advanced Hearing Care can remove earwax in the office.

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Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Ear protection should begin at an early age and continue throughout your life. Earmolds and earplugs used regularly will protect your hearing. We supply individually designed products to protect hearing. Custom fitting each product to your ears helps guarantee the best protection. 

Each ear is different – ears are as reliable an individual identifier as fingerprints – so making a custom earplug or earmold makes the most sense. There are many uses for earplugs, while earmolds hold the electronic parts of hearing aids. Both products are extremely important to hearing health.

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Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations

People concerned with their ability to hear usually are advised to come in for a hearing test. This simple procedure is used to determine details about your hearing loss and start a plan to help. Audiologists record your ability to hear specific tones, words and vibrations. 

Evaluations for hearing loss can generally diagnose hearing problems and from those results recommend a course of action that might include hearing aids. Diagnosis is also done to determine if hearing loss is age-related, due to injury or a malfunction in the ear, or is related to nerves and the brain.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

When patients come for a hearing test, they usually have one question in mind: Do I need hearing aid? At Advanced Hearing Center, technicians use many skills to evaluate your hearing. If it is determined that hearing devices are best for your needs, we offer comprehensive services and quality products. 

Hearing aid technology has taken a quantum leap in the miniature electronics era. They are capable of very fine tuning, noise blocking and wireless connectivity. They range from tiny receivers invisible in the ear to powerful computing devices set in an earmold or behind the ear. 

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Hearing Aid Dispensing & Fitting

Our hearing technicians are experienced in fitting and adjusting all types of hearing aids. We help patients through every step of the buying process, trying out various devices in many hearing settings. We order and fit every hearing aid individually. Our technicians teach the care and use of each device and how they are adjusted. We will also show you how to replace batteries.

Many people are aware of the ability to purchase a hearing aid online, sight unseen. We recommend that every patient have a hands-on, demonstrated evaluation and select products strictly on an individual basis.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Every electronic instrument can break or act up depending on the use and care it receives. Hearing aids are no different: small parts or wires can break and come loose, or an internal part can wear out. 

We have experience in repairing and cleaning hearing aids of all kinds. Sometimes a cleaning is all that is needed. Sometimes all a hearing aid device needs is a new battery. Repairs can usually be done in our office, but we might need to send the device to a repair center. Either way, you can be sure we take the finest care of your hearing aid. 

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Industrial Hearing Screenings

Hearing health is a common topic in many businesses where excessive noise is a constant problem. Loud industrial plants, indoor and outdoor users of loud equipment and machinery, and law enforcement/fire and rescue teams all experience sustained or piercing loud noise on a regular basis.

Just as the name implies, industrial hearing screening is designed to evaluate large numbers of employees for hearing ability, then offer hearing protection and other services. Organizations are required by OSHA to offer evaluations. Advanced Hearing Care offers industrial screenings at your place of employment.

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Live Speech Mapping

One of the often-asked questions about hearing loss is, “Why can I hear most noise but not speech?” The ability to recognize speech is a unique hearing facet due to the changes in voice and volume that people use. If you have difficulty hearing speech, live speech mapping could help. This process is much like a hearing test except the in-ear microphones are hearing aids designed to very accurately measure recognition of speech on a computer.

You and a relative will sit with a technician and use several speech patterns and volumes to create a detailed map of your ability to hear normal speech. This data allows a more accurate setting of your hearing aid.

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Musician's Ear Plugs and Monitors

Musicians and those working around loud music have a unique need to hear all the frequencies as music but reduce the volume and severity of some tones. Earplugs and monitors for musicians are made for this special purpose. They allow users to hear music clearly while reducing the shock of some sounds.

Monitors are custom fitted and can be as small as earplugs. They contain electronic parts that regulate sound to the ear, much like a hearing aid reversed, protecting hearing.

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Pediatric Audiology

Behavioral and speech issues are often the first indicators of a possible hearing problem. These problems arise when a child has a hearing deficit. Pediatric audiologists can diagnose speech and hearing disorders.

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Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

Many people experience a ringing or buzzing in their ears not caused by actual noise in their environment. This condition is a common one called tinnitus and can accompany hearing loss or ear injury, although it is most commonly experienced with aging. There are several causes of this condition and several treatments. 

There is no cure currently but techniques to help people deal with ringing in the ears are advancing every year. Contact Advanced Hearing Care for treatment options. We will discuss your exact symptoms and match your needs to available treatment options.

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VNG - Balance Evaluations

Like tinnitus, balance problems can be caused by many issues, including: injury, disease, deterioration of inner ear structures and more. The Videonystagmography test, or VMG, tests your balance system through simple steps: checking standing and sitting balance, questioning about your everyday balance problems and wearing goggles while prone for an electronic test.

Dizziness and vertigo (imbalance when upright) can be debilitating. Be sure to have professionals test your middle and inner ear health. Contact us with any questions about balance and dizziness.

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