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Top Hearing Aid Features to Consider

side angle of woman wearing blue hearing aid

If you’re about to buy a new hearing aid, one of the things you’ll need to think about is the range of features your new hearing aid will be able to offer you. There are different hearing aid features out there that you can benefit from, and we’re going to talk about some of the very best below. It’s important to consider which features matter most to you and what you want your hearing aid to have. So read on to find out about some of the best ones.

Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the features that lots of people like to use and take advantage of these days is Bluetooth connectivity. When you have this feature, you can connect your hearing aids to all kinds of devices. You can stream music directly to your hearing aids or have them synced up to whichever TV show or move you happen to be watching. It can be a great option to have.

Multiple Programming Options

Hearing aids that offer multiple programming options are useful if you want to use your hearing aids in a wide range of different settings, each with their own particularities and hearing challenges. By changing the settings to suit each of those settings and then being able to switch between them at speed and with ease, you’ll be able to ensure your hearing aids are always offering what you need them to.

Directional Microphones

Hearing clearly in noisy environments isn’t easy when you have hearing loss. But when you’re using hearing aids that use directional microphones, it’s a lot easier than it otherwise might be. With directional microphones, particular sounds coming from different directions can be picked up. Allowing you to focus in on the sounds that really matter, while background noises are left in the background.

Tinnitus Masking

Tinnitus is a problem that many people with hearing loss experience. If you have tinnitus, you’ll probably want to choose a hearing aid that offers some sort of tinnitus masking feature. This is often a low-level sound that helps to mask the symptoms of tinnitus, particularly the ringing in the inner ear that so many people with tinnitus experience from day to day. It can make living with tinnitus a lot more manageable.

Feedback Reduction

Feedback can be a big problem for people who are using hearing aids, especially if they’re doing so for the first time. Those feedback sounds are never pleasant, so choosing a hearing aid that has a type of feedback reduction system built into it is probably a good idea. These give you a much more pleasant and user-friendly experience with less of the hassle that come with older and more limited hearing aids.

There are lots of great features that modern hearing aids offer. They’re all designed to make the user experience better, smoother and more flexible. So be sure to consider each of the features we’ve discussed here today as you choose your new hearing aid with the help of your audiologist.